Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holiday Orders

I am now taking pre-orders for custom hand carved rubber stamps for the Holidays!

My favorite gifts are those that I knew required some thought and effort. Sure, it probably is easier to walk into Walmart, pick up some plastic foreign made trinket, and stick it in a box, and call it a gift. However, when I get a gift that was handmade with love, I know that someone cares for me. I also know that there was an artist or craftsman who was not only compensated for their trade, but who felt good about selling a piece of their hard work.

There has been a lot in the news lately about sustainability. Which simply means supporting the things that we can replace as easy as we used it. Supporting artisans and craftspeople who do their work on a small scale, supports sustainability. I don't have to mass produce a lot of junk that will never sell. This way I don't waste resources, and don't make more trash. The environment is important to me, so I use recycled mailers for shipping as well.

But back to my point, why not this Holiday season, buy something handmade? I like this website where folks pledge to buy Handmade.

Also, I think when you give an item customized for the recipient, you know it will be a big hit! I can create a custom bookplate, a custom portrait, or anything else you can come up with, and carve it into a rubber stamp.

Things will be getting busy real soon, and custom orders take a little longer to produce, so contact me now so we can get your order going, and to you in time for the Holiday rush!

I do ship Internationally!

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