Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stamps at Shreve Migration Sensation

Dick (my friend and father-in-law) and I had a blast at Shreve Migration Sensation. It was a great day for birding, so traffic by the table at the Birders Marketplace in the afternoon was a bit slow, but we really enjoyed talking to all the birders, and kids, and other vendors. You can see that we shared a booth area, me in the front with stamps, and Dick in the back with his photo's from Three Oaks Enhancements.

With the help of my wife Laura, we made some really cool bird journals! These are the kind that you can keep track of your sightings for the day. I made the data sheets so you could record data you might need to enter into eBird. Laura decorated the covers, don't they look great! Some of you might recognize old National Wildlife Federation stamps on them.

Dick got lots of great compliments from his photography. He entered several photos in the contest, and won many prizes. I can't remember them all now, but he really did well! I was so proud. He really pulled together a great collection of photos.

I worked hard to do lots of bird stamps, some that are left I will be adding soon to my etsy shop, so if you are looking for a particular bird stamp, let me know, I may have one carved, or if I don't I can do one for you. I really enjoy combining these two hobbies of birding and stamp carving.

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Dick - RBB Systems Founder said...

Thanks for the kind words! Looking forward to our next adventure!