Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RNEST Profile: The Quilted House

Over the next several weeks I want to profile a few of the members of the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team. As a member of this team, I have to say that the quality of craftspeople in this group is pretty impressive. These creative people are worth seeking out on their etsy shops, blogs, craft shows, facebook, twitter, and where ever else you can find them!

Today I want to feature The Quilted House, owned and sewn by Michelle.

Now when I think of quilts, I immediately think of some big old garish patterned blanket on grandma's bed. Well....not at the Quilted House! The patterns are hi and the colors are bright. Take a look.

Greeting cards made of quilt blocks.

A tic-toe-boards. ------------------------>


Bookmarks. ---------------------->

I guess you could say this is not your grandma's quilting shop!

To learn more about Michelle check her blog called While the Cat's Away.

Way to go Michelle! We love your work!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

John - Thanks so much for this feature! I just found it! I really appreciate the profile!!