Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giveaway! Get your Giveaway! (yes, that means FREE)

Hop on over to the RNEST blog, and you could win a Jackbear original. I created this cute little ACEO (Artist Card Edition/Original) that is the size of a poker card, and printed from two hand carved stamps. Click on the picture below to learn how to win!


Francesca DeCaire said...

I really love this!

Wild Nellie's World said...

Hi John,
Just became a member of RNEST. What a coincidence, I was searching through Etsy for an answer to a question I had and came across the info on their grants so I had just emailed Stephanie Tadeo yesterday asking if perhaps Rochester Artisans would like to try to group together for it and then you show up on my radar. By the way, Edgar Allen Poe is hands down my favorite collector card- I love vintage looking prints. Also, impressive way to get people to move your Blog around the internet.