Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Art of Flickr

I have been posting most of the stamps I have been carving on my Flickr photostream. I have a great little slide show on the main page of this blog, but it only goes through the first page of my photostream, there is lots more on my Flickr site.

Business has been good! I can't imagine how busy I would be in a better economy. The holiday rush is over, and it was a rush. I expected a big slow down, but I am still getting plenty of orders for bookplates, logos, portraits, and more. I am still on schedule, and the production line (me) is running fine.

I will be getting some new stamps up on my Etsy shop soon, probably when the custom orders slow down a little and get more time to devote to specialty stamps.


Kristie said...

I love your stamps and really want to place a custom order! Where do I do that?

jackbear said...

Kristie, or anyone else, you can order custom stamps on my etsy site: