Thursday, February 5, 2009

Working through the Winter

Wow, we started winter earlier than normal this year in western New York, and it is not letting up! Here we are in February, and I am already tired of it. The good news is I was able to get to Florida for a few days and enjoy some great weather. Also, I have been getting a constant diet of custom carvings to work on, so these long dark days of winter have been fruitful at least!

I would like to get the shop filled back up with some original designs, its starting to look a little picked through. I plan on some more nature themed stamps. I've got a nice dandelion stamp to list that I've completed, along with a portrait of John Muir. I'll be getting these listed in the Etsy shop shortly.

Stay warm everyone!


Association President - David Rogers said...

When do us Warmers get a copy of this cool stamp?

jackbear said...

Dear A. Pre. Dave Rogers,

You can visit the Warmers Cache to get this one ;-)