Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Lay-Over

This June is kind of a lay-over on the this amazing metaphorical art trip I'm on.  I had a VERY busy May, with lots of custom orders.  I was very pleased, and I got a ton of stamps done for happy customers.  However, I need a little break in June because I have some other events going on.

First, let me start with the stamp pictured.  This is a custom logo stamp I made for Jessica Cole in New Hampshire.  She owns Sumner Brook Herbals and they live on Sumner Brook Fish Farm (a trout farm) in Ossipee, New Hampshire.  Her shop there is called Sumner Brook Landing, so that is what is on the stamp.  When she was describing the design she wanted she said:
I am also an herbalist, so the theme of our shop is a mix between trout and herbal medicine! I would love it if I could somehow incorporate both things into the image, and also have our shop name, and perhaps address if it all fits. I always thought it would look neat if I had a trout jumping out of the water and blowing a dandelion, with the little seeds blowing away. It'd be nice if a dandelion leaf was noticeable too, as they are very medicinal!
I thought this was a great vision, and based on where she was, I thought an Arts & Crafts style frame would suit this vision well.  The mountain was an afterthought that Jessica had, and it fits GREAT in the image.  This is not a small stamp either!  It measures around 5 inches high by 4 inches wide.  This is probably the second or third largest stamp I have done for a custom order.  Sadly, this design fell to the bottom of pile of orders I was doing, and so I had to apologize to Jessica for not getting to it for over a month!  I'm hope she likes it, I think it turned out really nice, and I think she intends to stamp it on some of her shopping bags.

As for the rest of June, I'm finishing up a few stamps for friends, and some stamps for a letterboxing gathering I am hosting at the end of June.  This event has over a hundred letterboxers coming from all over the area to seek out hand carved rubber stamps hidden all over the woods, so I need some time to finish carving, planting boxes, and getting clue books written up.  I'll be back at the carving table in July to work on more custom orders.  
Thanks for all your love an support this past spring!

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