Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jackbear Get's Interviewed!

I found this great new podcast a few weeks ago when looking for something new to listen to.  It's called the Etsy Conversations Podcast.  I have been looking for a long time for a podcast like this one, and was excited when it popped up on my search a few weeks ago.  After catching up on the three episodes that were already posted, I emailed the host, Angela Holden, to see if she wanted me to be a guest.  Actually, I pitched myself as a "dude" since we are a bit harder to come by on etsy.

She was excited, and I was excited, so we "skyped" last week and laid down the tracks.  It was really fun!  I was excited to share my story.  I wish I had mentioned all the things I had thought of saying (like how awesome the teams are I am involved in), but maybe I'll remember it all next time.

Anyway, the episode gets posted on Sunday (May 13).  You can listen to it at the Etsy Conversations Podcast site, or you can subscribe to it in iTunes (or whatever other podcatchers you use (I like Downcast app on my iPod)).

OR, and this is what I REALLY want to mention, is you can join other like minded listeners on Sunday, May 13th, at 9 pm EST and listen to the episode and chat along.  Yes, we are having a little "listening party".  I have set up a Ustream feed that you can click on, and we will listen to the podcast together, and we can chat along in the chat box.  I hope you can drop by and listen.
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