Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympics = televised CURLING!

I have been curling for ten years.  That's not much, but for those of us in the USA who are curlers, that isn't insignificant either.  Most of us didn't grow up in a curling environment.  I also live in New York state, which I believe has four dedicated curling rinks statewide.  Finding curlers is like finding endangered pandas.

So when the winter Olympics come around, that means those of us who live in the backwater countries where curling is still small, we finally get to see curling on TV.  I grew up in Northern NY, where we had the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Channel) on our cable package, so I got to see curling on TV out of Canada.  I miss those days now!

So in honor of curlers worldwide, I have listed some items in my shop for curlers, or friends of curlers.

First up is greeting cards.  I have three designs.  They come in packs of two.  You can buy them in my etsy shop.

Next I have an ACEO/ATC in serval choice colors.  Also available in my shop.

And last but not least, a mini rubber stamp set!

Enjoy some curling on TV for a change!

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