Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Plates

Why do I love book plates?  Maybe it's the graphics.  Maybe it's the ownership of a great book.  Maybe it's the uniqueness and personalization. Maybe it's the Latin!

Whatever the reason I have carved a ton of great bookplates.  I took some quick snapshots of a few I have done and pictured them below. I keep a master book of all the stamps I have carved so I have a visula record of stamps I have carved before.  Some of the images were provided by the customer. Some of them were modified or designed by me.  Enjoy!


Mark and Sue said...

Amazing - each and every one of them!

Karen said...

I love bookmarks too :) I think yours are beautiful! Especially the rat with the hat, the Japanese wave and the tree. The letters are perfect, I wonder if I ever will be ablle to make them that good myself...