Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th B w/ U

Ah, May 4th... Star Wars day.  May the fourth be with you.  Only geeks would come up with this stuff (myself included).  It is so cheesy it's tasty.

So much of my playtime as a child of the 80's revolved around Star Wars.  I had nearly every action figure, and would spend hours inside and out playing with them.  In fact I think there is still a Luke Skywalker in Besbin outfit buried somewhere under my parents pine tree near the fence.  I have shown my daughter the original trilogy so "the circle is now complete," as Vader would say.

In honor of Star Wars Day, and in anticipation of the upcoming Episode 7, the Force Awakens, I have posted a few photo's of rubber stamps that I carved for letterboxes several years ago.

Can you tell my favorite movie was Episode 4?

Now go check out my sister's blog and her works of art she posted for Star Wars day.

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Wyvern said...

I had forgotten about that Tusken Raider! It's awesome. All great carvings!