Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stamping All Year Long

I have advertised JackBear Stamps for several years running in the pages of Rubber Stamp Madness (RSM) magazine. The staff at RSM and I having many things in common, and I feel that my mission and theirs is a good fit.

One shared passion is a love for letterboxing. RSM has had articles on letterboxing, and online tutorials. I love that they have embraced letterboxing as an art form. We also share a sense of humor in our work. The editorial staff at RSM take a very light-hearted approach to the rubber stamping art form, and it comes through in the pages of the magazine.

RSM is a real community. They readers make submissions, and the editorial staff sift through the best to make the pages. Submissions are a huge part of the magazine, and I love reading the mail section as the readers share their experiences in stamping. Even the ads in the book are incredible! I am always inspired by each page I turn.

Rubber Stamp Madness has published two previous large volume book releases, and they now have a third 116 page book published called "Stamping All Year Long (SAYL)". The newest release focuses on artwork from all four seasons, and covering all the holiday seasons. SAYL is not just a full color book of eye candy but, "Stampers share information about each piece, providing tips, techniques and inspiration for your own stamping projects." The book contains layouts for inspiring greeting cards, calendars, and scenes of wonder.

The folks at RSM have reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in offering "Stamping All Year Long" on my Etsy shop. So if you are interested in picking up this limited release (yes, they do sell out... good luck trying to find the first two they published), you can purchase it through my etsy storefront. I let RSM know, and they ship it right out to you!

Happy Stamping!

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