Monday, March 28, 2011

Review of Shreve Migration Sensation 2011

What I love about Shreve Migration Sensation is that you always get more than you expect. Shreve is a small rural Ohio town where things don't change too much. If you go to something in the elementary school gym, you might not expect all that many people or extraordinary events to occur.

Shreve Migration Sensation defies expectations. This was my second time displaying and selling stamps here, and it still surprised me! The weather was cold, but sunny, so the participants came out in great number (early estimates were 1200). I noticed a lot more activity in the vendor market place than two years ago. I had increased sales, and met some really wonder people.

Dick Beery of 3 Oaks Enhancements again shared a booth with me. I can't say enough about Dick's work, and I am a huge fan of his bird photos in particular. It is really wonderful sharing a booth with someone too, because you get to hear some great compliments from complete strangers, which is always a feel good warm fuzzy. You also have someone who can watch the table when you want to check out the work of others, or go get of slice of Pecan Pie.

I was very impressed by BeeOlogy. David and Ellen are real class acts, and my wife got some of their products and was raving already about them. I'll be working on a custom stamp for them, as well as some other custom orders from the show.

Greg Miller was on hand, and I got to get his autograph. Greg is a local of the area (Holmes Co.) and was featured a few years back in a book called "The Big Year". This October, the book is being made into a movie, and Greg will be played by Jack Black.

I don't usually eat much at a show, but this wasn't the case when the best amish restaurant in town is the booth across the aisle from you, and the boy scouts are doing a chicken bbq outside. Cinnamon roll and pecan pie are not part of the approved diet, but sure are good.

Well, these are just a few of the highlights (did I mention that there are birds to see!) and I hope I can do it all again next year.

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