Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mayday Wrap-Up and Shop Overhaul

Mayday Underground Arts+Crafts show is now over for another season.  I met so many great people at the show!  I am working on a stamp for Dark Horse Coffee who are located in the Village Gate where the show was, also for Badfish Consulting, and a few others I am probably not at liberty to discuss just yet.

I also met an amazing man named Chet who gave me a loaf a bread.  Yes, he was a complete stranger, and he gave me a loaf of bread.  It is a very tasty loaf of white if you must know, and he made it himself, along with hundreds of loaves he makes each week.  He gives them away.  No, he doesn't fancy himself as Jesus, in fact, he told me he is a bit of an atheist. So if you want to learn more about this mystery man, check out Breadtime Stories.

Now that the dust has settled from the big show of the Spring, I am focusing on my etsy shop.  Dick Beery of 3 Oaks Enhancements, and my wonderful father-in-law, has helped me ENORMOUSLY by helping me with photographing some of my stamps.  I have been wanting to change the look of my pictures for some time, and he was kind to took at a bunch of ideas I had, then help get a good background, good light, and help me take some photos.  I am very pleased with the direction this is going.  Thanks so much Dick!

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