Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Helpful Insects

I like bugs.  I don't like them when they bite me or buzz in my ear, or crawl on me, but otherwise I like them.  I like that the insect kingdom has over a million known species.  Over half of the known species on this planet are bugs.  Probably over 90% of all animal species that have ever existed on Earth have been insects.

Bugs don't get no respect.

Some do though.  I have carved two of these six legged supremacists that humans consider helpful insects.  The "ladybug" beetle and the honey bee.

The "Ladybug," or "Ladybird," are regarded as helpful due to their voracious appetite for aphids.  Aphids are those smaller little green insects that munch on the green leafs you are trying to grow in your garden or flower bed.  Yes, that makes the  cute little ladybug a natural born killer, ready to devour any little aphid in it's path.  Read: "deadly predator".

Of course you all know why the "honey bee" is useful, it's in the name for crying out loud!  Honey bees are so fascinating because of how they communicate with members of the hive, and how they seem to have this complex society with gender roles and forced labor camps.  I have to say as a dude I feel kind of sorry for all those drones (male bees) who just have to wait around for mating with the queen and have no stingers.  Actually, maybe I don't feel bad for them after all.

So I have carved these two bugs before, but haven't done these sets in awhile.  Each set has two stamps, one that stamps the black bug shape, and one solid stamp that is used to stamp the red parts for the ladybug, or the yellow part for the bee.  This two color effect gives the stamp a lot of depth, and really makes them pop off the page I think.  I just stamp the black part, then stamp the colored part right over the black.  The yellow and red are transparent, so the black still shows through.  Neat eh?

If you want one of these bugs, stop by my booth at Mayday Underground this weekend, or if they don't sell there, I will post in my Etsy shop later on.

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Karen said...

Love the bugs! Your stamps, as well as the real ones ;)