Friday, April 26, 2013

Artist Cards

If you have ever been to one of my craft shows or in my etsy shop you know I like to make artist cards. What are those you say?

Some call them ATC's (Altered Trading Cards) or ACEO's (Artist Cards, Editions, and Originals). Whatever you call them they are the size of a poker card or a baseball card. Many of mine are made from sanding a poker card and stamping onto it.

These are really all about intrinsic value. They serve no true purpose. But then again, the Mona Lisa serves no true purpose either! They are just fun. It's approachable and affordable art. It's a chance for me to highlight some of the stamps that I have carved that I really like too much to sell.

I try to do these in editions. I think I'm on the fourth or fifth edition of the "Tell Tale Heart" cards. This means each time I make them I make a set of say 9-10 cards. When you buy one, its only one of a few that I made. Does this make them collectible? Probably, but don't cash in your piggy bank to invest in these, they are NOT that sought after.

Anyway it can be a fun hobby to pick up some of these and keep an album or display them on little miniature easels. Many people trade these as well, or so I am told. All the ones I have from other artists I find them hard to let go.

So keep checking back in my shop or at one of my shows because I intend to keep making these from time to time to show off some of my favorite hand carved stamps.

Pictured are the cards I have in inventory right now and will have at the Mayday Underground show this weekend.


TM Thomas said...

that skull with the crown is totally awesome.

jackbear said...

Thanks, I like to call that one "King of Kings." Not really a Jesus thing, more of a Triple H kind of thing.

Blueberry Blonde said...

I really like the Tell Tale Heart one that I traded with you a couple years ago within the Etsy Stamp Carvers Union. These cards of yours really are great I'm glad you make them!

jackbear said...

Ah gee thanks Blueberry. We should do that again!