Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mayday Underground, Spring 2013 Wrap-up

It is hard to describe my excitement when I was setting up my booth at Mayday Underground Art + Craft this past Saturday at the Village Gate.  The other artisans setting up were just an amazing peer group to be affiliated with.  All have such vision and creativity.  I humbled to set up alongside them.

It was a wonderfully sunny day out, and the filtered light that comes through the skylights on the second floor of the Village Gate in Rochester fills the room with a nice light that make the room cheery.  The installation art in the room just lets you know you are in the right place.

I went with a traditional table arrangement.  Straight line of tables, try to vary some heights, and spread my items around.  A craft table is eye candy after all, so I try to keep it orderly.  I try to spread around the color since much of my set up is dull in color.  I worked on a new sign made of wood.  I plan to dress it up in the future, but it did the job at this show.

I often struggle with how to let the customer know what they are looking at.  It is very common for me to get a customer proclaim after looking at my table for several minutes, "Oh, you make rubber stamps!"  The way I have things packaged, it isn't obvious.  Something I need to work on.

The customers came out, and I had a steady stream by my table.  I had some great friends stop by to say "Hi," many who know be from the craft world, others from curling (thanks Dorothy, Stacy, and Cait).  I always love when previous customers come back and tell me about the other stamps they bought from me before.

Sales were brisk for a spring show.  Not my strongest Mayday show, but no complaints here.  Success at a show isn't always based on sales.  I made some great new contacts, and I usually get some interest in custom sales following.  Can't wait for the next Mayday this November.

A special thanks to Amanda and Casey and their team of volunteers who do an incredible job setting up, advertising, prepping, and planning this show.  Best organized show that I do.

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Sorry we had to miss the show!